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The right home tutor can alter a life forever

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Private tuition is all about building a solid relationship

The right home tutor can alter a life forever. Choosing the right candidate is a task we take very seriously. Welcome to Tutor Desk, where we make it our business to connect some of the best private tutors in the region to students who need their assistance.
Because we appreciate the task of hiring precisely the right home tutor can be tricky, we collect the best in the region in one easy place. That way, hiring is quick, and education can begin at a moment's notice.

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The right home tutor can alter a life forever


All our tutors will deliver their lessons at your house for no extra charge. The right home tutor can alter a life forever.


At Tutor Desk we believe in serving your needs, so all of our home tutors. Choosing the right candidate is a task we take very seriously.


We aim to make home tuition as easy as possible by providing all the information you need in an easily accessible format.


For specific information on subject tutoring, such as maths tutoring, science tutoring etc. check out our subject pages. Take a look around
People Like Tutor Desk

“My son has had a tutor now for 3 years, the progress he has made within this time has been outstanding. I would highly recommend Tutor Desk.”

Sharon Piper

People Like Tutor Desk

“I got in contact with Tutor Desk because I was due to attend my Army Officer Selection Board and wanted tuition on my mathematics, which I felt was a weakness of mine. I was instantly impressed with Tutor Desk’s professionalism and enthusiasm. They immediately got me in contact with a local tutor who I had maths lessons with before attending my Army Officer Selection. I am pleased to announce that I was successful on my selection and I have been offered a place at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. With the help of Richard and Tutor Desk I was able to enhance my mathematics skills and took great confidence from my tuition. I have felt valued throughout and would highly recommend Tutor Desk. Thank you Richard. Officer Cadet James Mattin.”

James Mattin

People Like Tutor Desk

“My son Harry, age 10 has had tuition for english from Tutor Desk. Harry started the tuition in October 2013 to bring his english to a national standard as sadly he had fallen behind within school. Since starting the tuition Harry has improved in leaps and bounds and the difference was really quickly noticable. Amazing and thank you.”

Charlie Conway


Tutor Desk has been placing private tutors with families since 2014


For both English Language and English Literature, and for coaching on more effective mastery of the English language, drop us an email here.


Maths might just be the language of the Universe. For help with basic number skills all the way to intensely abstract number paradoxes, message us for tuition here.


How does the universe work? What is a quantum particle? How does a nuclear power station work? For coaching on the fundamental laws of nature, message us here.


For understanding how chemistry creates living things, how living things work, and how your own body operates and how to make it work better, message us here.


To learn how the fundamental particles of nature interact to form matter, and how to manipulate this material in industry, nature and everyday life, message us here.


“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” Control your present and past today by messaging us for History tuition.
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