About us

Who We Are

Tutor Desk has been successfully operating since 2014. It was started by Richard Harris who working as a private tutor realised the difficulty a lot of his clients had experienced in finding the right private tutor. Due to increased demand Richard made a decision to employ a set of committed dedicated administrative staff and like minded tutors in order to ease the process of finding a private tutor. From primary school education through to university and adult learning, Tutor Desk can help.

Right Tutor, Right Results, Successful Learning

Here at Tutor Desk we believe that the tutoring selection process should be easy so we’ve take the trouble out of the hiring process by only recruiting the best private tutors across the region, we then connect them to students according to their needs. Making the right connection is important in order to gain the right results and to enable a happy and successful learning journey. Our success in achieving this is reflected in feedback from our customers and can be measured though continuous proven student exam success.

We make hiring your tutor an easy process

Our objective is to make the hiring of your private tutor as easy as possible. This means demystifying the whole process. Contact Tutor Desk today to see how we can help. After we receive your initial requirements we will then make contact with you to gain the further detail to ensure we find the right tutor for you. Your tutor will then contact you for an introduction and learning can begin! We operate a feedback system to ensure that we are meeting your needs every step of the way.

We only recruit private tutors that meet our high standards



We Love Excellent Communicators

Private tuition is all about building a solid relationship between tutor and student. We hire our tutors on their ability to communicate in a fun, effective way. Which leads to motivation and success in learning.

We hire only the most knowledgeable and passionate experts

Our tutors are hired on their experience, passion and knowledge in their subject. They are experts in their field, and experts are always passionate about what they do.

We create a safe learning environment

Our tutors go through a robust recruitment process which includes a face to face interview, qualifications verified and reference checks. All background checks including an up to date DBS are carried out in order that we can create a safe learning environment.

We are different

Of course, every member of our team has a unique perspective on education, but in general our corporate culture is a little rebellious. We’re not in to red tape, or box ticking, or any of the uglier things that education has become, but rather about empowering our students, enabling them to discover their strengths and weaknesses, providing mental training to build confidence and improve overall performance. This training is different for each individual student, our tutors are able to identify different learning styles. Due to being private and not state run, we have the freedom to use whichever educational techniques work best, quickly dropping those which do not suit. Results are the yardstick of our success, and we invite you to see some of them in our Testimonials Page