Benefits of Tutoring


Schools are full of teachers and the school week is full of classes. Perhaps that’s got you wondering what a private tutor could really do to help. Quite a lot, as it happens. If you or your child aren’t quite meeting the mark, one to one tutoring could be just the thing to turn that around.
Benefits of private tutoring include:
Fun. Learning really can be fun – sometimes it just takes the right teaching strategies. The trouble is, one student’s idea of fun may be another’s idea of a nightmare. For teachers with a class full of students, pleasing everybody is pretty tricky. A private tutor can really get to grips with a student’s individual likes, dislikes and learning style, allowing them to find an entertainment-education balance.

  • Focus. In a larger class setting students can find it hard to concentrate, and before they know it they’re falling down the rabbit hole. Teachers do their best, but with so many people demanding their attention they can fail to notice when one is losing the plot. A private tutor has only one student to focus on, and they’re super alert to any attempts at stealthy daydreaming.
  • Confidence. The better we become at something the better we feel about doing it, and that’s a pretty handy cycle to break into. A private tutor will closely monitor yours or your child’s individual progress and make sure it’s highlighted. With one to one tutoring, achievements never go unpraised.
  • Practice. By exploring past exam questions you or your child can be as prepared as possible for the style and content of test papers to come. Private tutors can provide a large array of practise papers, and mark them to an examiner’s standard. Every single slip up will be personally worked out before the big day.
  • Support. As time goes on, a private tutor can become so much more than that. They might just become a mentor, or even a friend. Lessons offer a chance to vent about issues, gush about improvements, or just to ask for a little reassurance.
  • Grades. This is definitely the core benefit of private tutoring, and probably the reason you sought it out in the first place. As the above factors add up, those A*’s will have never before seemed so achievable.



So, now onto your next question. Why should you let Tutor Desk find you a private tutor? Well…

    • Our focus on keeping up to date with both tutors and students makes us consistently capable of making matches. We’re not a middle man, we’re the central hub for both parties, and it’s our job to be in the know.
    • We have an extensive team of tutors. If one tutor is sick, takes a holiday, or just can’t make the lesson, we can send out an equally well-matched replacement.
    • This also allows us to switch between subjects very quickly. Say you or your child wanted to switch from Maths to French for three weeks to prepare for a French test, we can make that happen! We can just send a French tutor out instead of the usual tutor for as long as you need.
    • Our tutors aren’t strangers to each other. They’re part of the Tutor Desk network, and they all help each other. If one has a problem, there is someone in our company who can solve it. Our students are part of that network too, and have access to our combined wisdom.
    • Our dedicated customer service staff have wide experience in the private tutoring industry. They can answer any questions and provide better advice than almost anywhere else.

Convinced? You should be. Contact us at Tutor Desk for more details!