GCSE Biology Tutors

What could be more interesting than learning about yourself? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing in GCSE Biology. The workings of the human body is just one area you’ll be covering, as you learn all about the building blocks of life itself. If that’s not enough for you, just think about some of the totally cool things that Biology can do, from saving lives, to cloning, to mutated zombie viruses. Okay, that last one is still fictional, but we’re stocking canned food just in case.
A lot of people find Biology to be the easiest of the three sciences, as it doesn’t revolve around equations and calculations. Don’t get too comfortable though, as what it lacks in calculations it makes up for by the amount of information involved. You’ll need to be able to answer whatever that exam paper throws at you, covering a pretty large range of topics. Don’t worry, Tutor Desk’s private GCSE Biology tutors are full of tried and tested ways to get you weeding out your weak points.


The human brain doesn’t do well with cramming sessions. Letting your revision build up is probably going to result in a bunch of all-nighters and a grade you didn’t really want. Tutor Desk’s private GCSE Biology tutors can draw you up a handy revision timetable, so that you stay in complete control. Your school teachers are trying to meet the needs of an entire class, but our private tutors are only concerned with you. So, they’ll be sure to make extra time for any topics that you’re unsure of, basing the entire revision plan around your personal strengths and weaknesses.


When exam day rolls around, you don’t want to be wasting time thinking about how to answer each question. With the use of practise papers, that won’t be an issue, as you’ll be so comfortable and familiar with the test paper layout that you’ll be answering on reflex. The aim is to adapt the way that you answer questions to fit the marking scheme, so that you can really get those marks racking up. Tutor Desk’s private GCSE Biology tutors can provide you with all the practise papers you need, as well the capability to mark your work to the standard of an examiner. From there, they can show you where you went wrong so that it won’t happen again.


GCSE Biology is full of key words, key terms and information. So unfortunately for some, it’s one of those subjects that requires some serious memory action. If you’ve been gifted with a brilliant memory then you’re probably feeling pretty confident, but if not then you may need a little extra help. Our private GCSE Biology tutors can help you to compile a list of these important keywords, which can serve as the basis for testing to see how much of that information you have actually absorbed.


Like all of the sciences, Biology has its roots in how things work. You’ll need to have a good understanding of how processes and parts interact, such as the different systems within the human body. Knowing your key terms is totally important, but you need to understand how everything works too if you want to bag that A grade. Our private GCSE biology tutors can help everything click into place by using visual diagrams, and by making sure that you’re following. After all, it’ll be a one to one lesson, so it would be pretty hard for you to get left behind.


GCSE Biology is a pretty even mix of remembering and understanding. The chances are that at least one of those things has you a little on edge. The school classroom can get pretty hectic, and it’s all too easy to fall behind. If you’re not one to draw attention to it, you could find yourself falling down that academic food chain. Here at Tutor Desk, we place the focus on you, your needs, your weaknesses and your strengths to have you soaring to the top of the class.
Where better to start getting to grips that than with one of Tutor Desk’s summer GCSE courses? These courses come highly recommended by experts and, like all of our courses, are taught by private tutors who meet our extremely high standards of qualification, experience and ability. If you wish to know more about what we have to offer, contact Tutor Desk now so that we can get that brain working!