GCSE Chemistry Tutors

It’s not too difficult to find the fun in GCSE Chemistry. Flashy reactions, colour changing chemicals and things going bang certainly make the subject hold a certain appeal for your inner mad scientist. However, when it comes to the GCSE exam, you may find your enthusiasm evaporating as the reality of revision hits. Chemistry isn’t simple. It would be ridiculous to expect simplicity from a subject involving the composition of matter itself. Fortunately, it’s a subject which often utilises set principles and rules. Once these are mastered, you really are halfway there.
Compulsory schooling can sometimes fall short for some students, as the failure to understand one step in a theory can set you back substantially. Our private GCSE Chemistry tutors are a perfect solution to this, as they can spend one-to-one time making absolutely sure that you’re not left to become a confused anomaly amongst your classmates.


Formulae are a massive deal when it comes to Chemistry, and some of these can look pretty scary at first. Here’s the good news though! Once you’ve perfected the use of these formulae, you’re ready to input whatever values that exam throws at you, and output some seriously high marks. Practice should be your most concentrated reactant here if you want to be really working those equations. However, practice is pretty useless if you’re turning out the incorrect answers and not realizing. Tutor Desk’s private GCSE Chemistry tutors can dedicate time making sure that you’re producing exactly what you should be every single time, including on exam day.


This theory can be applied to formulae, but also to facts and ideas. If you can memorize all of these, that’s great. But think of a memorized piece of information as a solid. It’s there, it’s not going anywhere, and it can be fit into a gap made exactly for it. Those molecules don’t leave much room for adaptation. However, understanding can be reshaped like a liquid, with the area coverage of a gas. Once you understand the things that you’re learning, they can be applied to almost anything that the examiners throw at you. Our private GCSE Chemistry tutors aim to do more than leave you with a mental image of values on a chalk board. You can expect your private tutor to make sure that these ideas form irreversible bonds in your mind as they really help you to get to grips with how Chemistry works.


You’ll be dealing with plenty of measurements during GCSE Chemistry; weight, mass and volume will all probably crop up as you carry out experiments of your own. When it comes to revision though, the measurement of time becomes the most important of all. A premade revision timetable can aid in breaking revision down into manageable chunks, whilst ensuring that these carefully measured chunks don’t overflow beyond exam day. Our private GCSE Chemistry tutors are highly experienced in revision management and can help you to study as efficiently as possible.


A great British poet once said that “to err is human”. Poetry may not be relevant to this particular subject guide, but the meaning of this quote certainly is. Even masters of the Chemistry field make errors sometimes, so don’t be disheartened when you slip up. The key is to get these mistakes ironed out before it really matters, and that is where practise papers become so important. At Tutor Desk, we make sure that all of our private tutors know exactly what examiners are looking for. This makes them perfect candidates to mark mock papers and to give tips on collecting as many marks as possible.


Chemistry knowledge is worth more than a GCSE exam pass. It is a subject which can be a source of fascination when you really get to grips with it. After all, there is Chemistry behind everything around us, including our own bodies. As you can see, revising GCSE Chemistry is only intimidating if you leave it to boil. Tutor Desk’s qualified private Chemistry tutors could provide you with the ‘activation energy’ needed to convert your uncertainty into an A grade.
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