GCSE English Literature Tutors

Literature is a pretty awesome thing. Novels have the power to create characters, ideas and entire worlds using nothing more than words and imagination. As a reader, you can find all kinds of epic adventures in the pages of a book without even leaving your armchair. Meanwhile, poems can capture something as vast as a lifetime or as simple as a flower in as little as a few well-formed lines. At GCSE, English Literature finally gets to take centre stage as a subject in its own right.
From the tragic plays of Shakespeare to the poetry of love and war, there’s something for everyone when it comes to English Literature. If you’re already a bit of a bookworm you’ll probably be set, but if reading isn’t your forte then you may need some extra help. In fact, even if you happened to burn through those Harry Potter books like there was no tomorrow, you may still benefit from some extra coaching when it comes to the study of the classics. After all, you’ll be doing a lot more than reading a book, you’ll be reading into anything and everything which hints at wider context. That’s where Tutor Desk can help, as our private GCSE English Literature tutors can have you quoting Shakespeare in no time!



If you’re one to take shortcuts, you might be tempted to use online book reviews to avoid actually reading the set texts. Sadly, that shortcut is likely to lead you directly to failure, as there really is no substitute for reading. Knowing the texts back to front will give you a first-hand understanding of style and tone, as opposed to some fuzzy idea of a summary. If you have the attention span of a goldfish then you’ll probably find this tricky, but our private GCSE English Literature tutors can sit you down and help make sure you’re not losing the plot.


Nothing great comes instantly. Shakespearean plays at the Globe Theatre weren’t without their rehearsals, bestselling novels aren’t without drafts, and your GCSE English Literature exam shouldn’t be without practice papers. Our private GCSE English Literature tutors will come equipped with all the past papers you’ll need, together with the examiner level expertise needed to mark your answers and provide feedback.


The thing about English Literature is that it is so much more than that; History, Psychology and Sociology are just a few of the subjects which are woven into the study of classic texts. Whether it’s a novel, a play or a poem, it’s an artefact of its time period and a product of the writer’s psyche. It’s important to understand the wider context of texts in order to form a broader understanding of them, and allow for an insightful analysis. Here at Tutor Desk, our private English Literature tutors can help you to piece together that bigger picture using their own extensive knowledge.


Of course you want your essay to be as detailed as possible, but it’s crucial that you remember you’re being timed. This doesn’t give you the okay to glance at the clock every two minutes as this wastes precious moments which could be put to far better use. Our private GCSE English Literature tutors can help you to master that time limit through the use of past papers and effective planning, meaning you won’t still be scrawling away at the curtain call.


This one is applicable to most essay based subjects, and it really is important. Sometimes in your haste to rack up those marks, you may find yourself equating quality with page coverage. You’re not writing a weighty tome, you’re writing a timed essay, and no examiner wants to read endless reams of repetitive, low quality writing. Concision is the key, and effective planning can help you to avoid waffling or confusing your points. The private GCSE English Literature tutors at Tutor Desk have a thorough understanding of what an examiner will be looking for, which makes them ideal candidates to prepare you for the task.


All in all, GCSE English Literature shouldn’t be a chore. The great works of literature are considered great for a reason, and once you get to grips with the language and devices used we’re sure you’ll be ditching those TV reruns in favour of losing yourself in Dickensian England or Shakespearean Italy.
Where better to start getting to grips that than with one of Tutor Desk’s summer GCSE courses? These courses come highly recommended by experts and, like all of our courses, are taught by private tutors who meet our extremely high standards of qualification, experience and ability. If you wish to know more about what we have to offer, contact Tutor Desk now so that we can start writing your success story!