GCSE English Language Tutors

What’s that? You already know the English Language? Maybe you do, but you’re about to get far better acquainted. Along with Maths, English Language is probably the most important subject of all, as it teaches you the basic skills that you’ll need for an array of other subjects. If you can’t structure a sentence properly, how are you going to tackle History, Geography or even Biology essays?
It goes a lot further than that too. University personal statements, covering letters for jobs, and letters of complaint are just a few examples of when a maxed out English Language skill will see you being taken a whole lot more seriously. Unfortunately, not everyone has a way with words, and that’s okay. Here at Tutor Desk, we have enough of that for the both of us. Our private GCSE English Language tutors have so much enthusiasm for the subject that it’s bound to rub off on you.



We don’t know about you, but here at Tutor Desk nothing rubs us the wrong way like the misuse of ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. Whether or not you agree with us, the examiner most certainly will. Remember, it’s called English Language for a reason; you’re being tested on your ability to use it properly. Random grammatical errors, even when dispersed throughout a pretty well explained piece of writing, are going to seriously drag down your grade. Punctuation, sentence structure, homophones (look this one up if you don’t know it): Our private GCSE English Language tutors really appreciate the finer points of the English Language. They’ll set you up with as many tests as you need, and us much coaching as it takes, for “their”, “they’re” and “there” to fall into place.


Language devices sit at the core of the GCSE English Language exam. You’ll be expected to analyse what other people have written, and why they have written it. Therefore, you’ll need to be able to spot similes, metaphors, hyperboles and a range of other devices used in writing. More than that, you’ll need to understand their purpose within the extract. Our private GCSE English Language tutors don’t have a class full of students, they only have you, so they’ll know if you’re getting your assonance confused with your sibilance. Before too long, you’ll know those extracts better than the guys who wrote them!


What’s the key to making perfect? You got it: practise. Mock papers are the best way to identify anything that could lose you marks on exam day, and our private GCSE English Language tutors have a whole load of ‘em. They can mark them for you too, as all of our tutors are examiner level experts, and they know exactly what markers are looking for.


One of the trickiest things about the GCSE English exam, is that it’s timed. Subjects like Maths and Biology have a clear set of correct answers, and a time limit that allows for them to be reached. When it comes to English, ‘correct’ is a lot more subjective, and there are multiple ways to hit an A grade. This calls for some informed judgement when it comes to answer lengths, and you’ll want to remember the importance of concision. Our private GCSE English Language tutors can train you to cut away the excess, so that you can say everything you need to with time to spare.


What better way to show off your English skills than with some impressive vocabulary? Don’t get us wrong, replacing every word with a fancier one probably isn’t the best idea, as you could end up sounding like a thesaurus ate too much spicy food the night before. However, some well-placed, advanced vocab can really get you hitting those higher grades. Our private GCSE English Language tutors are the living, breathing equivalent of the most helpful thesaurus ever. They’ll help you to learn some really impressive sounding words that can be easily inserted into whatever answers you need to give.


GCSE English Language really isn’t that difficult once you get the hang of it. Unless you’re a really big fan of silence, you probably already know the basics. Still, if you feel like you’re struggling to get to grips, that’s no problem. After all, we all have our strengths in different places, and perhaps yours is with the numbers rather than the words. Here at Tutor Desk, we’ll have you writing as fancily as William Shakespeare himself before you know it.
Where better to start getting to grips that than with one of Tutor Desk’s summer GCSE courses? These courses come highly recommended by experts and, like all of our courses, are taught by private tutors who meet our extremely high standards of qualification, experience and ability. If you wish to know more about what we have to offer, contact Tutor Desk now so that we can put a full stop to your uncertainty!