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SAT TIPS: Preparing for the Reading and Writing Tests

“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.”

The Scholastic Aptitude Test is divided into three sections—mathematics, reading and writing. While you may be confident about your geometrical skills, there are two other sections that you need to prepare for. The reading and writing examinations basically test your capability to understand chunks of information in a limited time as well as your essay writing skills. These will either make or break your chances of getting into a good school.


Essay Writing

A minimal percentage of SAT examinees are looking forward to the essay component, while the remaining percentage dread this test. If you have efficient writing skills, then congratulations! But, if not, you don’t have to worry about a single thing because a few tips and tricks can help you make it to the top.


Since you’d be putting that old pen into good use, you’d need to make sure that your handwriting is neat and legible. There is no sense creating an essay that would fail to reflect your well-formulated ideas.


Paragraphing is a crucial factor that could determine your success rate. If you would move on from one paragraph to another, you have to make sure it’s because you are going to introduce a different idea. Never jumble different sets of ideas in a single paragraph. This would take points of your grade because you would leave the examiners greatly confused.

Length Counts

Quality does not always outweigh quantity, and that’s what you can learn from the SAT. To make sure you’d get a good grade in this component, you need to reach 45 lines. However, do not ask for an extra sheet because you won’t be getting one. Instead, learn to work with what you have and make sure to jam-pack that essay with relevant and interesting content.


Reading might not be a challenge to you, but never underestimate this examination. This is not an easy test as it requires specific skills.

Critical Reading

Reading might not be a challenge to you, but never underestimate this examination. This is not an easy test as it requires specific skills.


There is a big difference between reading and comprehending. Since you are under time pressure, you need to focus on the main idea of the passages rather than spending too much time on the specific words. If you encounter words which aren’t familiar to you, learn how to use context clues.

Speed Read

Read chunks and phrases, not individual words. A good reading rate is about 500 words per minute. If you can do speed reading, you can perfect this test in no time.


Master the process of elimination, and you can definitely secure a good university. The good thing about the SAT is that there are obvious wrong answers and you can always eliminate them to lessen your options.

There is no substitute for hard work and optimism. Before you lift a single pen, feed your mind with positive thoughts because that’s what can really get you fuelled especially during those stressful review nights. Remember, you were made to ace this exam, and nothing can ever get in your way. Again, inhale optimism and exhale pessimism. Yes, that’s definitely the way to go!

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