GCSE French Tutors

Having a second language is a powerful thing. After all, you’re dramatically increasing the amount of people that you’re able to communicate with, and that’s bound to open up new doors. Many employers spot the advantage of a candidate who can speak to foreign customers and clients over one who can’t, not to mention that you’ll be more prepared for travel opportunities. All that aside, learning a second language isn’t an easy task. You’re basically learning to speak all over again, and you were probably so over that by the time you started nursery.
Tutor Desk’s private GCSE French tutors aren’t just fluent French speakers, they’re fluent French teachers, and they know all the best ways to get that new vocabulary stuck in your head. They understand that the best way to learn a language is to live amongst it, so during your private French sessions you’ll almost be able to smell those croissants as your tutor makes you feel like you’ve crossed the Channel!



This bit is key to the GCSE French speaking test, and handy for the listening test too. You might know how a word should look on paper, but without the right accenting and pronunciation you’re probably not saying what you think you’re saying. Think about it from an English perspective. Someone who’s unfamiliar with the language may know the correct word, but if they don’t know how to pronounce it then they may end up saying something else entirely. In order to avoid falling into this trap, our private GCSE French tutors can take you through key words and phrases to ensure that you’re comfortable with the spelling as well as the pronunciation. They’ll also help you to work on that French accent of yours so that everything sounds just the way it should.


Here at Tutor Desk, we never underestimate the power of practice papers. They can be particularly useful for the GCSE French exam as you’ll be being tested in unfamiliar ways. The more conventional writing and reading tests will be accompanied by a speaking test and a listening test and such a variety of formats can be pretty nerve-racking. Our private GCSE French tutors will supply you with as many practise sessions, audio cassettes and papers as you need in order to feel confident. Not only that, they are also fully capable of marking your work to examiner’s standard, so that you have a good understanding of anything that went wrong.


We know what you’re thinking; that’s easier said than done. We’ll admit, this one is a bit of an umbrella term, so we’ll break it down real quick. Firstly, when you’re preparing your responses for the speaking and writing exams, try to sound as conversational as possible. Avoid repetition and basic, wooden sounding vocabulary. Secondly, make sure you get the hang of those tenses and plurals. Thirdly, with regards to the speaking exam, use French fillers. By that we mean, instead of attempting to cover up those pauses in thought with “um” and “ahh”, try using French terms such as “vous savez”(you know). Our private GCSE French tutors can really give you a feel for the French vocabulary, taking you a step ahead of your peers as they explore more in depth conversational skills.


Getting a deeper understanding of the French language can be best achieved by picking it up from those around you. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to pack your bags and jet off to Paris (although that would also be totally great). There are plenty of ways to explore France without actually going there, such as the use of French television and film. Listening to the fluent, unforced dialogue of the actors with the aid of English subtitles will have you picking up the vocabulary without the price of a Eurostar ticket. Our private GCSE French tutors are expertly capable of creating an authentically foreign learning environment, allowing you to pick up the lingo naturally just like you did with your first language.

We won’t pretend that it’ll be easy, but GCSE French can be the first step to becoming fluent in a second language. Learning a language on your own can be difficult, as natural conversation is the best method. This fluent, one to one conversation is just one thing that our private GCSE French tutors can offer you, together with tried and tested teaching exercises and a wealth of past papers. If GCSE French has you feeling more Paris Catacombs than Disneyland, then let us turn that around for you.
Where better to start than with one of Tutor Desk’s summer GCSE courses? These courses come highly recommended by experts and, like all of our courses, are taught by private tutors who meet our extremely high standards of qualification, experience and ability. If you wish to know more about what we have to offer, contact Tutor Desk now so that we can have you saying “bon voyage” to your concerns!