How Tutoring Works

If you’ve had a private tutor before, or you’ve enlisted one for your child, you’ll probably feel pretty familiar with the process. If not, you won’t be so sure. Either way, Tutor Desk is probably a little different from what you know. We’re more than just a private tutoring company, we’re the central hub of an entire tutoring network. But what does that mean for you?




Finding a private tutor may not be too hard. However, finding the right private tutor is a different matter. With so many factors such as subject, level, teaching style and location, the search for the perfect tutor can actually be pretty tricky.
Here at Tutor Desk, we have the solution. We make it our mission to scout the best tutors in the Essex and Suffolk regions and condense them into one easily accessible place. We assess the needs and preferences of a student, and find the ideal tutor for them. Whichever private tutor we send you, you can rest assured that we have conducted all of the background checks and interviews necessary to ensure that they are one hundred percent suitable for the job.
Tutor Desk’s private tutors are guaranteed to have:

  • A track record of solid teaching ability and experience.
  • Outstanding communication skills (tutoring is based on friendship, so we only employ people we really get along with).
  • All necessary background checks (including a DBS check).
  • Excellent knowledge of the subjects they teach.

We periodically check in on our tutors to see how the parents or students feel their lessons are going and only those who receive excellent feedback stay with us. On contacting us, simply make us aware of yours or your child’s needs, and we will determine the ideal candidate for the job. We look at more than just academic factors. We send out tutors who we think will really click with prospective students.



Once we’ve matched the tutor to the student, we schedule the first sessions. These will usually be once or twice weekly, and last around an hour each. If more than one subject is being covered, then these sessions will be per subject. For example, a student covering Biology and French would have double the weekly sessions. Here at Tutor Desk, we’re confident in our tutor selecting abilities. However, if for any reason you disagree (even we make mistakes sometimes), just let us know so that we can find you a better match! The sessions can seem pretty intense at first, as the tutor has only one student to focus on. No class full means to no distractions for the student or the tutor, and any lapses in concentration are picked up on instantly.
As the weeks roll by, tutors relentlessly cover any missing subject information, follow the topics in class, and get ahead by looking at the work for upcoming weeks. Sometimes, they even set extra work between sessions – nobody likes homework, but we know it’ll payoff. Within a short time grades rise, the students get promoted in sets and they begin to develop a sense of pride from their personal academic achievements. Good tutors inevitably become friends, counsellors and mentors to their students. One of the key things that sets private tutoring apart is the chance to form a genuine friendship with an adult who can help steer students through the challenges of childhood, adolescence and school life. We think about this a lot when we recruit tutors.


Regular tutoring sessions work wonders over time. However, if exams are looming and you’re cutting it close, sometimes ‘over time’ just won’t do it. Luckily, with Tutor Desk’s intensive courses, it’s never too late for a last minute turnaround. They’re also ideal for boarding school students who can’t attend a weekly slot, as they can be completed outside of term time. Intensive courses usually last a few weeks, during which entire subjects can be completely studied and revised with the support of a private tutor. The goal here is to dramatically bump up grade boundaries quickly, so time efficiency is key. These sessions can be tough, but the results are worth it.
That’s how we operate at Tutor Desk, and any further questions can be posed here. We deal with any queries as quickly as possible, and are always happy to discuss our services on the phone if preferred!