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Maths Made Easy: Tips and Tricks to Help You Pass Your A-Level Maths Exams

If there is one thing that any A-Level maths examinee should remember, it’s the importance of creating an effective study regime. Even if you think you are already a maths genius, the A-Level examination is never easy. It would test your patience, perseverance and determination. Simply put, it would push you to the limits and it would measure how far you are really willing to go.

There is no such thing as a fixed study regime. What works for you may not work for others and vice versa. However, if there is one thing that examinees need to do similarly, it’s preparing the mind, body and soul for months of hard work. Before you even start reviewing, motivate yourself. Remember, your drive is greater than any other force here on earth. Now that we already had all that blood pumping up, let’s now get started with the simple tips and tricks that could help you become the maths genius you need to be to pass this exam.


A lot of examinees fail to recognize the importance of improving reading comprehension for the A-Level maths examination. Although you may be dealing with a lot of numbers and equations, this does not mean that you need to focus solely on your mathematical skills. There are some questions in the A-Level maths exam that are trickier than tricky. Hence, you would need advanced reading skills for you to be able to understand what the question really asks. Practice on difficult questions. Even if you think that you are not making sense, create mathematical equations that would help you explore the figures. If you cannot get a full grasp of what you need to do, get your text books and look for similar questions. Or better yet, ask help from A Level maths tutors in Colchester.

Review Your Notes

There are mathematical books that were made specifically for A-Level maths examinees. Aside from reviewing your old textbooks, these review books can really help you out in your examination. If there are unclear items that you cannot fully comprehend, look for an A-Level tutor that can help you pass this test with flying colors. Conversely, you can ask your tutors from your college.

Exam Technique

All of us have individual examination techniques, but if there is one thing you should aim at, it’s gaining the confidence you need to complete the examination. Instead of starting at the back portion of the paper, it is best that you look at parts of the test which you think you could easily answer. This is especially true since the questions at the back are usually the most difficult parts. If there’s one thing you need to avoid, it is inviting frustration while you are answering your test items.

Lastly, since you are under time pressure, look at the marks awarded for each item. This will help you decide on a time allocation for each item. If you need help with maths in Colchester, you are free to contact us. We will be more than happy to be a part of your future success.