GCSE Maths Tutors

It’s not uncommon for students to question the point of certain GCSE subjects in real life, and we at Tutor Desk could go on all day about why you shouldn’t do this. One thing’s for sure though, Maths isn’t a questionable subject. Its functions, both basic and advanced, are all around us, in almost everything we do. From cooking, to building, to paying for stuff, you’re going to need it. The thing that makes Maths so useful is that it’s unchanging. Its results never vary, there is no alternate language of Mathematics, and everything about it is certain.
Unfortunately, this is also what makes it so daunting to students, as there is very little room for error. There are no slight mistakes, your answer is either correct or incorrect, and that can be a little scary. Don’t worry though, Tutor Desk’s private GCSE Maths tutors can make absolutely sure that correct is the only outcome you’re getting. They’re totally qualified, totally capable, and totally ready to help you morph into a mathematician who could make Newton himself proud. In addition to putting you in the know, they’ll also have you seeing Maths as the fascinating subject it is as you realise just what you can do with it.



A good understanding of the more advanced Maths functions is pretty pointless if you struggle to add up. There really is no substitution for the basic key skills such as addition, subtraction and multiplication, as you’ll often need them in order to complete further processes. Tutor Desk’s private GCSE Maths tutors can really come in handy here, as you’ll probably be past the basics at school. Your tutor will be able to patiently and clearly talk you through any areas you need brushing up on.


As we mentioned earlier, Maths is a subject of certainty as it’s based on set rules and set answers. If you know the former, you can arrive at the latter every single time. For this reason, you really can be one hundred percent prepared for the GCSE Maths exam, as the examiners can’t catch you out with trickily worded questions. Once you know your stuff, you can apply it to anything the test paper throws at you. Our private GCSE Maths tutors can not only explain these rules to you in a way that you’ll understand, but also ensure that you are fully able to put them to use independently.


This one is seriously important. When it comes to your GCSE Maths exam, a substantial quantity of those marks will come from how you arrived at your answer, so it’s important that you’re jotting down your method. Remember, you need the examiner to understand the steps you took, so clarity is key. If you find yourself thinking “I can do that in my head”, then that’s great! However, try to provide a written note of what you’re actually doing in your head. Think of the workings out as an extension of your answer as opposed to a means to an end. Our private GCSE Maths tutors know exactly what the examiners will be looking for, meaning that they can mark your workings out as well as your answers to ensure that you’re on the right track.


This is a point we like to stress for all GCSE subjects because it’s just so important. Practise papers offer a lot more than a familiarisation with the exam layout, they’re also a fool proof way to iron out any errors before exam day rolls around. Anything you’re doing wrong can be bought to your attention and eliminated nice and early. Here at Tutor Desk, our private GCSE Maths tutors and their expert marking skills, plus a stack of practice papers, equals one successful student!


There really is a lot riding on your Maths GCSE, in more ways than one. A fail isn’t something that will just fade out with time, as both employers and higher education institutions like to see a pass for Maths. Also, failing GCSE Maths suggests that you can only handle the most basic operations, ruling out a lot of the useful things Maths can do for you in day to day life. If you struggle with memory, then Maths could be your forté, as it’s all about set rules as opposed to reams of information and key terms. If you’re feeling a little less than confident, some added private tuition could see you multiplying your capabilities.
Where better to start than with one of Tutor Desk’s summer GCSE courses? They are seriously endorsed by the experts. Like all of our courses, our GCSE Maths is taught by private tutors who meet our extremely high standards of qualification, experience and ability. You do the math, that’s an equation for success. If you want to know more about what we have to offer, contact Tutor Desk now!