Maths Tutors

Maths Tuition – The Basics

Without a doubt, maths tutoring is our number one request at Tutor Desk. It is a sad fact that mathematics is often a source of great frustration and insecurity for so many children throughout their school careers. The great news is that many of our tutors believe that tutoring maths is the easiest subject to make deep and lasting progress on, and we are proud of our record. In our typical program of tuition once the ‘frightening sting’ of maths has been taken away, dramatic results can be achieved in short spaces of time.

How Our Maths Tutors Can Help

Maths tuition is usually a two strategy process. The first stage is tutoring a student, stage by stage, on simple mathematical problems in the problem areas they identify. Then, as the student becomes more confident, the maths tutor will set progressively challenging mathematical puzzles, so they can eventually teach the student to integrate these insights in to a wider mathematical model. The second strategy, which is often the most significant, is to offer constant reassurance and confidence boosting techniques to grow the student’s self-esteem with mathematics.

Maths Tuition – The Next Step

Tutor Desk has a wide range of private maths tutors across Colchester, Essex and Ipswich, Suffolk who are ready to help you today. We have tutors able to coach SATs, GCSE, A-Level and undergraduate university maths. When you’re ready to start your maths tuition contact us, or take a look at some of the work we’ve already done in our testimonials page.