A Level Physics Tutors

A Level Physics is an extension of the basic content you or your child will learn at GCSE level. Exam board AQA describes A Level Physics as a platform to understand the “fundamentals of Science and optional topics that you are interested in”. A Level Physics can be intimidating at first, when glancing at the content of the subject, but it can be a huge asset to add to your CV – particularly for females. 2014 Government studies showed the huge potential for high grades in A Level Physics, with it being the third most common subject that pupils achieved A or A* grades in – only a small percentage of these students were female. Physics can be a highly interesting subject with great career potential – you just need to get through your exams! Below we have shared some hints on aceing your A Level Physics exams.

Study Physics alone and/or with a Private Tutor

Do explore the options of learning. For many people solo revision is simply not as beneficial as structured taught learning. Find a balance of what works for you. Physics is a subject that is based largely on knowledge and fact, it is therefore imperative that you have a good knowledge about the basic Physics principles. Passing your exam relies on the fact that you have understood the concept and nature of Physics and not just learnt how to answer a few questions. A Private Tutor can help equip you with study skills that will ensure you learn Physics inside out. A Private Physics Tutor can also help suggest check-lists or learning mechanisms best suited for you or your child’s needs – we are all unique after all!

Keep updated

Study of all subjects, including A Level Physics, is enhanced with the further education of surrounding knowledge. By keeping up to date with new work and new research you can get a step ahead of the game. Reading about other’s hypothesis, research methods and evaluation techniques can improve and strengthen your own. By heightening your awareness of the way others work you can recognise weaknesses in your own studies, therefore gathering ideas on how to make your own work more accurate, efficient and precise. A Private Physics tutor can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses in your own work and support improvements for the future.

Direct your attention accordingly

As stated in the equation of energy, work and power, energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed or converted. This is a perfect way to look at your motivation for passing and aceing your A Level Physics exam. The energy and ability you have to succeed in your Physics A Level is already present in your mind and body – you just have to focus it in the right direction. Concentrate your thoughts to passing your exams and your energy will flow to that area of your life. Make it a priority each day to learn something new, and you will eventually achieve your goal. Having a Private Tutor visit you on a weekly basis can give you the stability of continuous, focused learning. Something which you will eventually look forward to!

Private tutoring can be a hugely beneficial experience and we cannot recommend it enough. If you or your child is in need of assistance, or guidance through their studies, please do not hesitate in contacting us.