GCSE Physics Tutors

Physics may well be the most terrifying of the three sciences, often feeling like maths by another name. If you crunch those numbers like a pro then that’s probably good news for you. For many GCSE students though, endless equations and sums just fuel the fires of dread. Fortunately, Physics is every bit as fascinating as it is complex. Some of the coolest things out there have Physics firmly at their centre; time travel, outer space, the beginning and the end of the world and radioactive monsters all fall under the science of Physics. Surprised? Don’t be. After all, it governs the very world as we know it, as time and space themselves bow before its laws.
There’s nothing wrong with needing a little extra help, especially when it comes to a subject as complex as Physics. So why not try out Tutor Desk’s expert private tutoring service? With Tutor Desk at your side, you’ll be speeding towards that A* with an unstoppable velocity before you know it. Tutor Desk aims for more than just exam success, as our tutors really try to spark an interest in the subject. GCSE’s aren’t just about getting past a barrier of tests. If taught correctly, they can lay the groundwork for an in depth and lasting passion. Why settle for a simple A grade when you could split an atom one day?




One of the biggest advantages of Physics is that it’s all based around unchanging rules. After all, the laws of nature aren’t something that can be rewritten to catch you out on exam day. Mother Nature is a fan of equations, meaning that all the secrets of Physics can be unlocked with that handy calculator and a bit of practice. Even better, once you’ve nailed the technique of equation rearrangement, each equation you learn can be adapted into other equations to save you time and memory space. If you’re more into visuals, you can always try a simple triangle diagram to help those equations click into place. Take this example of a triangle for voltage, power and current. Simply cover up the component you need to find out, and follow the sum accordingly!

Many students find themselves being left behind in Physics class. Misunderstanding just one step in a calculation can leave you as confused a puppy in front of a mirror. Our private GCSE Physics tutors can make sure that you’re really getting the hang of how to use these equations, as dedicated teaching strategies ensure that any set backs are picked up on and instantly remedied. Private tutoring can really help you to reach your “Eureka” moment.


Equations are crucial, but you really need to be making sure that you understand how and why these equations work. You’ll need to really get to grips with the grounding principles of forces, time, mechanics and atoms. Don’t worry, it really isn’t as complicated as it looks on The Big Bang Theory. Not at this stage anyway. If you’re struggling to really get your head around it all, Tutor Desk’s private GCSE Physics tutors are ready and waiting to give you that ‘apple to the head’ enlightenment moment which Isaac Newton knew so well.


This is something which you’ll probably have heard countless times in maths class, but it’s so vital that it really can’t be stressed enough. For any sum based question, a good chunk of the marks really do come from your workings out. If you have the mental maths skills of a regular Pythagoras, then you’ll need to get into the habit of recording the process you go through even if you don’t feel you need to.


Tutor Desk’s private GCSE Physics tutors will be sure to go through plenty of past GCSE Physics papers with you, outlining exactly how you should be aiming to answer each question. Once you’ve given it your all, they can mark your papers and advise you on how to improve for next time. All of our private tutors know exactly what that examiner is going to be looking out for, meaning that they can get you all geared up for racking up those marks.


Have you heard of Schrodinger’s Cat? If not, let us simplify it for you real quick. Back in 1935, an Austrian Physicist attempted to demonstrate a theory of parallel states of being. He stuck a cat in a box along with just enough radioactive substance to maybe leave poor Garfield as dead as a doornail. I know, sounds like a job for PETA to me too. He hypothesized that, until the box was opened that cat was both dead and alive, existing in two opposite but parallel states. Right now, you and that cat may have a few things in common. You’re existing in two possible states: an A* Physics marvel and the academic equivalent of a radioactive cat. Here at Tutor Desk, our private GCSE Physics tutors can ensure that when that box is opened on results day, you emerge holding the grades you deserve. So why leave your success up to chance?
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